The Whoa Command
The whoa command is a very important command that a dog must understand, whether it was done vocally or
electronically through an e-collar. However, it is a tool only used to stop a dog when in danger. It should rarely
be used when a dog is on point. Every time a dog stands on point it has yet again another decision to make -  to
stand or attack. If we take away that decision process and tell him whoa, verbally or electronically, we have just
now taken the bird out of the equation and put ourselves in it. In return we will not get a 100% of the dogs
potential. It is important to remember, every time we talk to the dog and he/she does not understand it is just as
much stress for the dog as electronic pressure when the dog doesn‘t understand it.
How do we get the dog to stand on birds then? The dog has already learned through the bird introduction that
chasing the bird has not been very successful for him/her. We go from there by starting to put a dog through the
Whoa Post created by the Smiths and The Silent Command System. When done right, only the amount of
stimulation the dog is not willing to take will be used. The dog will already understand exactly what the
stimulation of e-collar use will mean before it is ever used.  In return the least amount of confusion and stress
will allow the dog to take the least amount of pressure from an e-collar as possible to understand how to stop.  
When seen how the whoa post is done, you will understand that you are absolutely not involved in the dog
standing still. It is up to the dog to again decide that is what he/she wants to do in order to release the pressure.
From there we can take that to a flying bird.   By manipulating the situation, we will take control of the bird flying
telling the dog it got too close and better stop chasing it by putting the same uneasy feeling that the whoa post
did until the dog stops. We then walk up and pet the dog. In doing so, we insure the dog that we are working
through this together and no one, especially the bird, is picking on him/her.
The important thing to remember is that the dog should be broke to wing by the bird, as stated in the bird
introduction.  Anything that happens after the bird is in the air is whoa breaking (vocally or electronically).  It will
take constant and consistent reputation to insure the dog understands what your asking from him/her in the
levels of being broke.