Phrase List for Training Terms
1.Chase- How far and long a dog will literally chase a bird flying.

2.Having a dogs head-A dog that looks at you with two eyes. The distance at which he/she gives you two eyes
does not matter.

3.Hear-  A dog at the drop of the word will come running to you giving his/her head completely the whole way.
When the dog gets to you maintains his/her head with you till released.

4.Whoa Broke-A cue electronically or vocally that means stop completely. When not around birds the dog
should give you their head.

5.Broke to Wing- Dog finds game, stands on game completely without moving his/her feet and releases
when bird is flushed.

6.Broke to wing/shot- Dog finds game stands broke to wing and releases when gun is fired.

7.Broke to wing/shot/fall- Dog finds game stands broke to wing/shot and releases when bird is falling to

8.Broke to wing/shot/fall/command- Dog finds game stands broke to wing/shot/fall and releases when
commanded to. Usually to retrieve

9.Objectives- An objective is an area that resembles where a dog has found game before.  Whether it may be
a tree line for quail, a fence line, patch of grass or waterway for pheasants, or a bowl in a hill top for sharptail.  
A dog will remember areas of where he/she had success finding game.

10.Leading Dog- The leading dog has another phrase to it which is miss used. That is Dominance. You may
have seen a little nine year old Poodle tear apart a two year old seventy pound German Sheppard before. At
any point with one bite the Sheppard could of dismissed the Poodle. The Sheppard does not because of
respect that he/she has for the Poodle. The dog gains respect because of the experience he/she has in
providing security for the survival of the pack. There for his/her decision is the most important.

11. Following Dog- The rest of the pack that is not the leader.

12. Pecking order- In my opinion a pecking order does not exist. There are the older dogs who are not the
leading dog that too might have respect from some of the other dogs. Because of this they may get to eat first;
and if something should happen to the leading dog they may be in position to start making decisions for the
pack. If one of these dogs do however decide to challenge the leader because they may feel that the leader is
not providing enough to survive, there will be a fight till death.

14. Check Cord- Twenty foot rope

15. Lead- A smaller check cord that will be used in the heel position. Usually a six foot wonder lead.

16. Electronic Collar- Also known as a shock collar or E-collar. Used to stimulate dogs