The Here Command
The command "Here" is a command that a dog must know and should be started at the stage of puppy
development  but not impressed upon the dog too often. Here should mean drop whatever you are doing and
come back now. Again it will be started from a check cord and twenty feet out that when dropped to a knee the
dog will be checked until one motion towards you with two eyes at which time the stimulation will be let off.
Remember we are not pulling the dog towards you or saying anything yet.  If we do it would be taking the
decision making process away from the dog which the dog would never learn to decide to come to you. If the dog
has trouble coming to you with two eyes we can always go back to the step of getting the dogs head without
allowing the dog to get twenty feet in front of you.  When 100% of the time the dog will come running back to you
when dropped to a knee, the word Here can be used and reinforced with an e-collar using the same stimulation
that was used with the check cord.