Finished Dog
In my opinion a dog is not finished if they only use 99% of his/her potential. A finished dog is a dog that will
follow the leader.  By me saying, “Follow” I don’t mean the dog will be behind you.  I mean the dog, no matter
the distance will pay attention to which direction you are going and stay at 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock in front of you.  
The dog will learn to only distance him/herself far enough away to stay confident that they can pay attention to
the leader. It is not the leaders job to pay attention to them. The distance again is up to the dog to determine. If
you were in grass over your head, chasing pheasants, the dog may only be fifty yards at the most from you
constantly checking in. If you were in short pasture grass chasing sharp tail or quail, the dog would feel
comfortable exploring much further out checking in no closer than seventy five yards and so on. (Try to picture a
pack of wolves hunting deer. The followers are a distance away that each individual one feels comfortable with
to watch the leader determine which deer he wants to try to harvest. The leader picks the one he feels is the
highest percentage of chance to harvest and the rest follow him right into it.)
A finished dog is a dog that runs with pure passion and desire in seeking (9)objectives and finding game with
one thing on his/her mind, “this one bird is the most important bird to me.” For the packs survival, it is nearly a
must that we harvest that bird. When finding the bird the dog will learn how to get close enough to the bird so it
doesn't run; but not too close so the bird flies. When on point the dog will stand on the very edge to guarantee
that his/her nose is not deceiving them and the bird is for sure there. Knowing however, if he/she takes one
more step the bird will fly away and be gone forever.
From there the dog will do whatever rule it has been taught all the way from being (5)steady to wing, to (8)
steady to command. When released the dog will retrieve the bird to the leader.