German Shorthaired
Pointer Puppies for Sale

Crow Creek Kennel announces the litter of Hiddenview's Cck Luna Eclipse (Luna) and Thunder
Gauge Benelli (Thunder). Excellent bloodlines with dogs proven for their intelligence, versatility,
and trainability. These pups will make excellent overall family companions, hunting partners,
running partners, or whatever you choose to train them for! Price is $850 female, $800 male. A
non-refundable $200 deposit is required to be placed on a pick list to reserve a puppy. Contact
Tom at 507 251-4619 for further information. Puppies were born 7/14/19, 6 females, 5 males.
Puppy Policy:
Once a deposit is
received, you are
placed on a pick list.
Your choice of puppy
must be made by the
time the puppies are 4
weeks old or you will
forfeit your position on
the list. We reserve the
right to refuse a sale to
anyone we feel is not a
good fit for our dogs.
Bonnie -
Evelyn -
Marge - SOLD
Nora - SOLD
Hanna - SOLD
Owen -
White/Liver Male
Jed - SOLD
Sam - SOLD
Max - SOLD
Beau- SOLD