2012 - Legacy took 4th place in the doubles competition at the UFTA
National event.  She has passed her second leg of the AKC Master Hunt

Legacy (CeCe) is our own 3 time national tournament hunting champion.

"Triple Crown Winner" Highlights -

2/21/09-  Legacy won the United Field Trialers Association 2009 National Open
Pointing Championship, winning the title over a field of 150 dogs.
Legacy also won the
Pheasant Hunter's Unlimited 2009 Pointing Doubles National
Championship (3/14/09).  She also came in 5th in another run in  the PHU doubles
. Legacy  won the 2009 BDC (Bird Dog Challenge) Doubles Pointer
National Championship (3/29/09). This makes her a national champion in THREE
DIFFERENT CIRCUITS!  These 3 tournaments were held within 5 WEEKS of each

Legacy placed 5th in the singles and 6th in doubles competitions in the 2009 BDC
World tournament, and came in 4th in doubles in 2008.

Legacy also won the 2009 Colorado State Chukar Championship out of a field of 80

Other Legacy Wins -

- 2006 Wisconsin Hunting Series Championship/Top Gun Pointer 5th Place

- 2006 BDC Top Gun Championship/ Top Gun Puppy Pointer Division 4th place

- 2006 Little Hills Club Hunt/Top Gun Pointers 1st place

- 2007 2nd Annual BDC Amateur Championship/Puppy Pointing Division 1st Place

- 2007 Wisconsin Championship hunting Series/Puppy Pointing Division 3rd place

- 2007 Competitive Canine Association. L.L.C Upland Series Pro Pointing Division 2nd/3rd place

- 2008 Top Gun Limited Amateur Pointer Championship/Top Gun Pointing Division 1st place

- 2008 Top Gun Limited Amateur Pointer Little Creek Lodge Championship 3rd Place

- 2008 Pheasant Hunters Unlimited Gobblers Knob Hunting Preserve/Pointint Doubles 4th place

- 2008 Woods and Meadow Labor Day Chucker Challenge 2nd Place

- 2008 Whispering Emerald Ridge Midwest Upland Series Top Gun Pointer 1st Place

- 2008 BDC National Championships Top Gun Pointing Runner-up Champion

- 2008 BDC World Doubles Championship Top Gun Pointing 4th Place

- 2009 UFTA National Open Pointing Championship 1st Place

- 2009 PHU Pointing Doubles National Championship 1st Place

- 2009 BDC Pointing Doubles National Championship 1st Place

- 2009 BDC Pointer World Championship 5th Place Singles, 6th Place Doubles

- 2009 Whiskey Springs Colorado State Chukar Championship Champion

- 2009 BDC Region One High Point Dog

- 2010 UFTA National Open Pointing Championship 9th Place (out of 205 dogs)

- 2011 Completed 2 legs of her AKC Master Hunter test

- 2012 UFTA National event 4th place pointing doubles
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