Gun Dog Training
What can Crow Creek Kennel offer you?

Crow Creek Kennel is located in Dover, Minnesota, a small town in southeast Minnesota. It is a family owned and
operated facility founded on strong family ties and values. Each member of the family gives the other the same respect that
we will give and expect from each pup. Training dogs are boarded and establish good ground work at the kennel. For the
dogs ready for the field, they are escorted to a 60 acre low cut grass field to start bird introduction, woe breaking and
backing. Raised pheasants, chuckers, or quail will be shot for the finishing touches on each dog.

Our gun dog training knowledge is research based on the nature of dogs and their pack animal standards. We are and
will continue to be well read on credible training techniques.We have attended seminars of the Silent Command System
created by the Smith Family. We have also been attending seminars of the Brad Higgins/Dave Walker/Bill West program.
We feel strongly about both systems and our ability to get the results you are looking for.

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Prices of Training-

Bird dog is training $600 a month plus expenses.

Puppy development is $400 a month plus expenses.

A high percentage of the training is done with homing pigeons which are not shot and therefore do not cost anything.  
However, the birds that are used for train to retrieve, or to set up a situation, such as a wild bird hunt, or because you prefer it,
will be available at the following prices:

Pheasant -$12 a bird-if available

Chucker-$8 a bird-if available

Quail-$6 a bird -if available